18 December 2015

New Record soon!!

Step by step we are getting there! Deko has just finished mixing and producing the new album and handed it over for mastering. We are so lucky to have this creative, technical and tireless talent behind the duo, BRAVO DEKO, now go get some sleep!

3 October 2015

4 August 2015

Pizzini in Bamberg

Amazing old-fashion location last night, magic atmosphere and audience!

15 July 2015

COFFI Festival

We played at COFFI, an amazing italian film Festival in Berlin last weekend...

22 April 2015

Open Day at Bahnhofsmission am Zoo

Street music for people on the street. A wonderful open day of the Bahnhofsmission am Zoo last Saturday in Berlin. It was a privilege to be part of it. Thanks to Peter Gaenssle for the photos.

20 January 2015

Recording voices for the new 2015 Album!

A weekend of recording with our patient, hospitable and very talented sound engineer, Jacopo Vannini (Kollo Agency). It's been hard but super!

2 January 2015

Italy Christmas Tour - 2014

Thanks Italy for another fabulous tour and happy New Year to all! Three wonderful but very different venues, all full of warm and enthusiastic friends and fans who took home so many of our CDs and Christmas DVD-pudding pack, and Enrico's voice is almost back. What more could we ask for?